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Fick Bros is a Certified Applicator for Softwash Systems. Partnering with Softwash Systems provides the expertise, training, and knowledge to safely clean your property’s exterior. Softwash Systems, and their founder AC Lockyer, developed a method of soft washing using their knowledge and experience in plant sciences and horticulture. The bacteria, molds, fungi, and algae growing on the exterior of buildings is more closely associated with an infection than a stain. Knowing this Softwash Systems combined the technology of treating pests and fungus on plants with compatible cleaning chemicals, thereby providing a safe method of soft washing. Now instead of the blowing and blasting of pressure washing, property owners could have cleanings done without the damages normally associated with a power washer.




Softwash Systems has developed chemicals and solutions for all exterior surface types. Combing the appropriate mix of detergent and/or surfactant with Toner 12 (Sodium Hypochlorite), we can dial in the right mix for treating just about any surface. Using the Surfaces Chart and the Blend 6 Module, we can simplify a complicated process. This provides the ability to easily change cleaning solutions for various surfaces by simply turning a dial. This method of softwashing is fast, effective, and safe. This advanced soft wash method cannot be achieved with one-batching.


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Fick Bros uses state of the art soft washing equipment for cleaning your property’s roof and exterior. The machine, developed through decades of Softwash Systems experience, is a cradle skid assembly designed to fit in a trailer or truck bed. Most importantly the system utilizes the Blend 6 Module. The Blend 6 Module safely, accurately, and easily mixes the appropriate blend of chemicals and solutions for the surface requiring treatment. The machine is battery operated, and extremely quiet to operate.

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